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Angry Pete's Pizza
San Diego's Only Authentic Detroit Style Pizza


Detroit style pizza is also known as Detroit deep dish pizza, Detroit pan pizza, Detroit red top pizza or Detroit square pizza. Most people outside of Detroit have never even heard about our Motor City secret, but that’s OK, because if you like pizza, you’ll love Detroit style pizza!

Detroit style is a style of pizza developed in 1946 in Detroit, Michigan. It’s a square pizza descended from Sicilian style, with a light airy crispy crust, layered with mozzarella, white cheddar and Wisconsin brick cheese blend, toppings, and a rich tomato sauce enhanced with fresh basil and oregano. The square shape is the result of being baked in square steel pans, which were designed to hold small automotive parts in Detroit’s automobile factories.

The crust of Detroit style pizza is exceptionally unique, because it’s a higher hydration level similar to focaccia dough, proofed well, then baked in a well oiled steel pan, giving the edges of the crust a fried, buttery, crunchy texture, while the inside of the dough has a light, airy texture.

Double Pepperoni Pizza

Sliced pepperoni, diced pepperoni, DiNapoli pizza sauce, micro basil, Grande mozzarella, parmesan, Shullsburg Creamery Wisconsin brick & provolone cheese blend

By the Slice

Detroit Style Pizza By the Slice. Select from Double Pepperoni or Four Cheese Blend.

Four Cheese Blend

Grande mozzarella, Shullsburg Creamery Wisconsin brick, provolone & fresh grated parmesan cheese blend, DiNapoli pizza sauce, micro basil

Giant Pretzel

Fresh baked pretzel topped with Hawaiian black lava sea salt, served with a side of habanero honey whole grain mustard

Better Made Chips

Detroit's finest potato chips made better by Better Made! Choice of:
Red Hot Barbecue
Sweet BBQ
Salt & Vinegar

Hella Hot Habanero Honey

Sweet & spicy habanero infused honey, perfect for pizza, chicken wings, BBQ sauce, grilled meats, chicken, fish, fried rice, popcorn & anything you like to add a sweet & spicy kick

Faygo Pop

23oz Big Bottles of Detroit's finest Pop!
Choice of:
Rock & Rye
Cotton Candy
Vanilla Creme Soda

Detroit Style Coney Dog

Koegel's coney frank, Koegel's coney sauce, bun, yellow mustard, minced onions

Angry Petes Pizza is selected as one of the top local producers of San Diego