Atypical Waffle North Park


Pearl Sugar Dough-Based Waffles / No Eggos here

We've been in business for 8 years; started in the farmer's market scene of San Diego in 2012 and opened our little location in the summer of 2014. We are just a little legit Belgium waffle shop in North Park, as we have kept our business small so we can focus on other important aspects of life like family and community.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we've had to adjust our business practices through online options and delivery, instead of dine in. We do wish we could see our community tables full again, but until then, thank you for your online support as you stay home with your loved ones.

Dozen Pre-Order

Good for 7-10 days just sitting on your counter top; otherwise, feel free to freeze them.

Mini Dozen

Bite-size for snacking - good for 10 days on your counter top!

Keep Your Social Distance Pack

4 Classic Liege Waffles, with 2 sides of Whipped Cream and 2 sides of Nutella

I have to FEED the KIDS

2 x #7's, plus 1 Mini Fresh n Light, and 2 x Mini Nutella (AKA 2 of our best sellers and 3 mini's for your kiddos)

Just Desserts Pack

2 x Nutella Chocolate Lovers Waffles, 2 x Fresh n Light Waffles (AKA 4 dessert waffles)

The A List

1 x #7
1 x Chicken n Waffle
1 x Fresh and Light
Perfect for a couple who wants 2 savory and a sweet one to share =)

Family Stay Home Packs

8 Liege Waffles (6 classic, 2 chocolate infused), 8 sides of house whipped cream, and 8 sides of fresh fruit

Lori's Bottled Lemonade

By Superfoods and Company
Passion fruit and Elderberry

Brown Sugared Bacon

Side of Smoked Bacon

House Whipped Cream
Side of Chopped Berries
Smashed Avocado
The Original Liege Waffle

Dough-based, pearl sugared waffle, based out of Belgium where they snack on these simple waffles all day long.

Fresh n' Light

House-made whipped cream and berries

Nutella Chocolate Lovers

Nutella Spread, Strawberries, House Whipped Cream, and Chocolate Drizzle.

Fruit Parfait

Plain Greek Yogurt, Fresh Fruit, & Honey

The Number Seven

Brown Sugared Bacon, with goat cheese, and smashed Avocado

Turkey Sammie

Hot Turkey Breast, Smoked Mozzarella, Red Peppers, Arugula, & Mayo (Yes, this is a waffle sandwich).

Chicken & Our Waffle

Boneless Chicken Fritters, with Green Onion, House bacon-bits, and House Spicy Aioli