Bagasin Charcuterie


Classy. Sassy. Bad Assy.

We take our time crafting each made to order design- creating intricate, tasty, perfectly balanced "beautiful messes."
Establishing itself amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, this small, Filipina powered business blossomed where it was planted in one of California’s southern cities: Chula Vista, on April 13th, 2020.
Former healthcare worker and proud mama, Karla Bagasin based Bagasin Charcuterie after a high school project nearly 15 years ago. Now that her creative passion has turned into a reality, her grazing tables, boards, and boxes give eaters a chance to experience the fun, lively nature of the Bagasin name... with, of course, a dash of sass! Issa #vibe.
Taste a world of eccentric flavors ranging from cured gourmet meats, magnificently aged cheeses, colorful fruits, and the iconic red-hot jalepeño jam. Don’t be shy, give as call whenever you’re feeling a little fancy or looking to spice things up!