Clay Oven Cuisine of India


Creative, Award Winning Indian Cuisine

Clay Oven transforms Indian tradition and old techniques while retaining the flavor profile to make them relevant to the present times. Food progresses and changes over time in presentation, technique and tastes and we consistently attempt to move Indian cuisine forward. Food and recipes from the 60's and 70's India are seen on menus worldwide while the present food culture and evolution in India are underrepresented.

For the past 34 years we have consistently modernized and added interest to our dishes keeping the Ayurvedic principles intact. Our menus are tied to the seasons in order to bring out flavor and allow guests to savor our food. We serve a large selection of game including venison, wild boar, elk, rabbit, duck, alpaca, quail and tandoori frog legs. Seafood spans the spectrum from salmon to paiche from the Amazon. Fruits and vegetables in season appear alongside our organic herbs grown in our own garden. There is no fusion of cuisines just a more fun and creative Indian experience created for our guests. We have offered vegan and gluten free for two decades. Many of our dishes create trends and are copied on menus worldwide such as our mango corn soup and our Tandoori turkeys for Thanksgiving, requested all year round.

Basil Garlic Naan

Leavened bread topped with fresh basil and garlic

Feta Naan

Naan filled with soft feta cheese.

Alu Tikki

Potato patty, farm spinach, and roasted corn.

Lamb Roganjosh

Lean lamb cooked in a hearty sauce.

Rabbit Curry

Rabbit, vadouvan-spice, red wine curry.

Turmeric Tandoori Chicken

Jidori chicken grilled on the bone, all-natural marinade, and fresh spices.

Black Cobra Tandoori Chicken

Jidori chicken grilled on the bone, black cobra chili spice.

Tandoori Prawns

Grilled, South-Indian spiced prawns.

Chicken Tikka

Jidori chicken brochettes in an all-natural marinade with yogurt and fresh herbs.