Jacqueline Gaistman


The idea behind Our Green Affair was planted with a diagnosis. Growing up, my family had always been major foodies. In fact, our parents taught my sisters and I to always try everything and anything. That staple in who we are became a little more complicated when my little sister was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that causes severe abdominal pain and heavily regulates your food options. She was forced to change her eating habits entirely. It became clear that we were going through this together, and as a family we had to eat clean. But we weren't willing to give up something that defined us: our love of food. With a change in lifestyle without compromising the taste in food came a realization: we wanted to share with the world that healthy food can

We created a farm-to-table experience that would change the way people think about eating healthy. It's easy. It's affordable, and it's authentically you. We chose the name Our Green Affair because we aim to shake up the food scene with an edgy, fresh take on food and food culture. We will push boundaries without disenfranchising any particular group. We are creating a not-to-be-missed experience that keeps