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Why TakeIn?

Are you looking for a local food provided by your local food providers? Are you willing to support to your community? You are in right place. TakeIn helps to connect customer directly with local food producers. TakeIn doesn't imposes hight service fees like other food apps, in fact TakeIn has 0% commission fee toward your local restaurants. Let's checkout some of the TakeIn's active location

Connect Local Producers

Are you interested to get in touch with your local food producers? TakeIn has created a direct communication between customer and producer. Follow your favorite restaurants and get updates on daily deals and promotion.

Local Deals

Find best deals on your town. Almost no one can beat the TakeIn price. It's not just the price, the quality maters of us. We also take the customer satisfaction serious. Follow and Subscribe your favourite restaurants and get the best deals from them. You will notified on updates. For example, checkout some our San Diego producers.

TakeIn exclusives

TakeIn locals range from culinary professionals, local restaurants, and market vendors to food trucks, farmers, fishers, and licensed home chefs. All share a passion for delicious local food. You'll find what you're looking for, and much more, on TakeIn.

No National Chains and Junk Foods

TakeIn is a marketplace for healthy local food. You get better local food experiences on TakeIn because we empower local producers of all types to deliver new culinary adventure, real authenticity, better dietary control and customization, greater economy, and more convenience.

About TakeIn

TakeIn is unearthing a new world of fresh local food options and placing them at your fingertip. Our mission is to democratize food production and help millions of people build local food businesses that support families and enrich communities. So you can truly TakeIn everything local, everywhere you go.